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Dynaflex Technologies has entered into an exclusive agreement with Polymer Dynamix to offer the latest non-migrating and highly lubricious family of compounds - EverGlide MED-Dyna. 


Unlike previous generations, the all-new EverGlide MED-Dyna features an "interlocking matrix" polymerization technology which combines the benefits of very low COF with high durability and a non-migratory behavior. Migration studies by FDA standards have been able to validate the stability of this new technology.


The versatility of the EverGlide MED-Dyna allows it to be used in almost any polymer and in combination with colors and fillers like barium sulfate, tungsten, and bismuth trioxide.  Polymers ranging from polyolefins, TPUs, Pebax, nylons, PPSU, PEI and PEEK can be modified with the EverGlide MED-Dyna technology while being able to pass ISO10993 standards for biocompatibility.


Together, Polymer Dynamix and Dynaflex are excited to offer this exciting technology to the medical device market.

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