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At DynaFlex, our commitment to providing high ranking services that meet or exceed industry quality and regulatory standards and requirements is undoubtedly among our top attributes. We heavily invest in our Excellence in Quality Control Management System that supersedes all activities affecting your product’s life-cycle. Rest assured that with DynaFlex working for you all your requirements and industry standards will be met as a minimum and exceeding as a goal all while delivering on-time.


Our commitment to Excellence includes:

ISO 13485:2016

FDA Registered

ISO 7 (Class 10,000) Certified Cleanroom

Validations: Installation Qualifications (IQ), Operational Qualifications (OQ), and Performance Qualifications (PQ)

Product Verification

Execution of a Customized Quality Plan for each project

Process Verification Planning and Testing

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Environmental, Social and Governance

As a Southern California based company DynaFlex has firsthand experience with the detrimental consequences of dwindling natural resources and the effects industrial waste has on our environment. As such, we at DynaFlex, have made a conscious commitment early on to be environmentally responsible at every stage. Our passion for protecting the environment is transcribed in our company policies and in the principles that govern our processes and procedure on a daily basis.


Some of these measures include minimizing the impact that our operation has on the environment by improving the efficiency with which we utilize our primary natural resources, by using renewable sourced of energy whenever possible, by reducing CO2 emissions to or below standard values, and by contributing in community recycling and restitution projects.


Moreover, to insure the ongoing protection of the health, safety, and security of our dedicated staff we consistently apply safety guidelines and engage in safe practices to prevent occupational illnesses, injuries, and material losses.


As a medical device industry company, we recognize the importance of prevention when it comes to health issues and make strides towards achieving that goal through our conservation efforts.

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