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Advances in the field of Material Sciences have greatly benefited the Medical Device Industry. Today, improved catheter materials and designs, have led to formally devastating neurovascular medical conditions to be mitigated far more effectively with minimally invasive technologies resulting in patience enduring less pain, shorter recovery times, and reduced costs. Following this trend, DynaFlex delivers a full range of innovative neurovascular development and manufacturing solutions. Be it the development a single neurovascular component or a complete neurovascular device, our team of experts is relentless in their efforts to produce top of the line products and processes.


Micro-catheters are used to access the narrow, microscopic blood vessels within the body. These catheters are employed extensively in the neurovascular field as they allow physicians to navigate the circuitous network of blood vessels within the human head. Generally, neurovascular procedures involving micro-catheters are performed to locate and treat aneurysms and other cranial blood flow problems. We are capable of manufacturing braided/coiled catheters with Variable picks per inch (PPI) on a run, different PPI patterns, one in one out, one under two Over, two over two (diamond), triaxial pattern, PPI range 20-250, and lengths up to 8 feet. Our team also offers development and manufacturing solutions on neurovascular guidewires and neurovascular sheaths.

Thrombectomy Catheter

Thrombectomy is the surgical removal of a blood clot or thrombus from a blood vessel. This procedure is typically done to restore blood flow and prevent tissue death. Thrombectomy solutions are commonly used neurovascular blockages.

Coil Delivery Systems

Once an aneurysm has been identified and accessed, the process of coiling begins. In neurovascular applications, coiling is inserted into the aneurysm to clot it. The aneurysm is coiled in an attempt to prevent it from rupturing or bleeding out. This procedure is performed via minimally invasive surgery and it involves a series of catheters and guidewires that are inserted peripherally into a main artery.

Embolization Catheters

Embolization is a procedure in which emboli are introduced into the body to selectively occlude a blood vessel. This is done to prevent blood flow to an area of the body for the purpose of shrinking a tumor or blocking an aneurysm.


With the ever expanding array of improvements of cardiovascular access, diagnosis, and treatment devices, doctors and medical professionals are able to provide patients with a level of care and options that were previously unimaginable. Through our engineering, material, extrusion, injection molding, and assembly solutions, we help our customers design, develop, and launch their innovative, life-saving cardiovascular devices.

Delivery Catheters

Delivery catheters are used to provide access to accessing a procedural location for the purpose of stent, guidewire, catheter, and fluid delivery and placement. DynaFlex also offers development and manufacturing solutions on cardiovascular guidewires, cardiovascular sheaths, and cardiovascular stent tubing.

Balloon Catheters

Balloon catheters are used in a wide range of cardiovascular applications. With enhancements in medical device technology, balloon catheters are being used to map, detect, monitor, and treat various conditions. Balloons are commonly used in stent placement, occlusion catheters, sizing catheters, and thrombectomy.

Atherectomy Catheters

Atherectomy is a minimally invasive procedure used to remove atherosclerosi from a large blood vessel within the body. Unlike angioplasty and stenting procedures where plaque is pushed to the vessel walls, atherectomy involves removing the actual plaque burden within the vessel itself.

Drainage Catheters

Drainage catheters are used in the removal and treatment of fluid build-up throughout the human body. These catheters can be placed in multiple locations, and are used in the extraction of fluids from abscesses, cysts, pseudocysts, pneumothoraces, hematomas, bilomas, and urinomas. The DynaFlex team offers solutions in manufacturing Percutaneous Drainage Catheters, Blake Drain, Thoracic Catheters, Nasogastric Suction Tubes, and Penrose Drain.

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