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With the steady movement into further globalization and subsequent upsurge in competition, Supply Chains have become increasingly multifaceted and imperative to a company's ability to successfully maintain a steady competitive front on the global market place. DynaFlex is avidly aware of the ever expanding need for companies to reduce expenses while proving increasingly sophisticated high quality products with swift delivery lead times in order to maintain ranks among the respectable medical device manufacturers. The complexities of providing for such a rigorous and demanding market place has led to an increase in the number of clients looking to outsource their supply chain management needs to companies equipped to mitigate every aspect of the operation. Through our extensive professional network, DynaFlex is ideally situated to manage all of the products and services required to skillfully deliver your complete product to your specifications. Utilizing out proven systematic 4-Step approach for supply chain management, DynaFlex is confidently able to amply provide for all supply chain requirements including but not limited to component parts and specialist technologies or services to product sterilization and logistics in the field.



Information Gathering: If an already established supplier does not exist, our team will research the most opportune source from both within and outside our existing supplier network.

Supplier Comparison: When one or more adequate suppliers have been identified, request for quotations, proposals and information will be obtained from each and will be analyzed, compared, and presented for client approval.

Background Review: References for product/ service quality are reviewed and any requirements for follow-up services including installation, maintenance, and warranty are investigated.

Negotiations and Contract: Pursuant to negotiations, price, availability, customization possibilities and delivery schedules are established and a contract to acquire the product/ service is created.

Fulfillment: Receiver preparation, delivery, and payment for the product/ service are completed, based on contract terms.

Consumption, Maintenance, and Disposal: During this phase, we evaluate the performance of the product/ service as they are consumed.

Renewal: When the contract expires or the product/ service requires re-ordering, company experience with both the goods and the supplier are thoroughly reviewed. If satisfied the re-order is placed, otherwise we begin the search for alternate product/ services and suppliers.


  • Eliminates duplication of effort as only one warehouse will pick, pack and ship the product thereby reducing costs in the supply chain.

  • Reduces overall inventory management and shipping costs.48-hour fulfillment (on most items)

  • Regular inventory availability update

  • Multiple order consolidation

  • Branded packing slip (included with each shipment)

  • Overnight or next day shipping (upon request)

  • Support shipping via UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS as well as selected LTL carriers

  • Daily monitoring and control of specific order fulfillment

  • Assembly

  • Item substitutions

  • Direct-to-supplier returns

  • Fill rate measurements

  • Shared view of data

Inventory Management

  • Secure Warehousing Facility

  • Temperature Controlled Storage

  • Serialized and Lot Number Traceability

  • Raw Materials and Finished Goods

  • Bulk discounts on packaging, shipping, and supplies

  • Reduced storage and overhead costs

  • An effective streamlined process

  • More time to focus on your business's core strengths

  • Freedom from physical inventory

  • Flexibility to expand or minimize the size of your business

  • Decreased liability


  • Receive Order by Phone/Fax/Email from Customer

  • Pick finished goods using FIFO system

  • Inspect and Pack finished goods for distribution

  • Update customer inventory to reflect shipped goods

  • Add freight charges and provide tracking number to each package

  • Provide feedback to the customer

  • Provide daily/weekly/monthly reports upon request

  • Full Traceability.

  • Same Day Shipping

  • Standard shipments received before 12:00 PST will ship the same business day

  • All orders are processed within 24 hours

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